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Helping gain buy-in and community engagement for new regional government project

Introducing a new WiFi service for the local community in Wujal Wujal required a simple but thoughtful campaign to inform the local residents and gain their support. El worked with the council to organise a community BBQ and spoke to people face to face. We designed a series of brochures to introduce the new service and explain the advantages of the community forums to local residents, tour operators and other businesses operating in the region. 

Wujal Wujal
Wujal Wujal 2
Foundry shaped the user experience and contributed insightful new ideas to ensure that the needs of our remote and predominantly indigenous audience were respected in all communication elements. Working with Foundry was highly rewarding and I will not hesitate to engage them again – especially for projects requiring an understanding of cultural sensitivities matched with quality and creative campaign solutions.
— Trent Cadman, Project Manager, Factor UTB