Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council

Online Community Forum & Website

A new WiFi network in Wujal Wujal's remote location really is something special. We worked with the engineering company that installed the new WiFi hotspots and liaised with the council to design a completely new council website and community forum completely intetegrated into the wi-fi mesh.

Check it out: 


Content Video :: Queensland Ballet Partnership

We worked with Suncorp to produce video content to showcase their sponsorship partnership with Queensland Ballet. Using existing video footage, this is a brilliant example of how to use your sponsorship programme to achieve greater reach with social media – in Suncorp’s case, more than 106,000 views. It also played in branches state-wide. 

Watch the video on our vimeo channel.

Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council

Community Engagement

Introducing a new technical service to the local community of Wujal Wujal required a thoughtful and simple campaign. I worked with the council to organise a free community BBQ where we could talk to people face to face. We designed a series of brochures to introduce and clearly explain the benefits of the new forums and WiFi service to local residents and tour operators in the area. 


Content Videos :: Brisbane International 2018 Campaign

Suncorp gave 10 people the chance to take someone special to the Brisbane International 2018 Tennis championships. We filmed the winners and produced a content video for their #LetsTennisTogether campaign for use in the lead up and close of the event. In a mix of paid and organic social media, this video reached more than 60,000 viewers. Watch the video on our Vimeo Channel.

Comrade Trustees Services Limited (CTSL)


The website for CTSL is important to every member of the PNG Defense Force – it helps them understand superannuation and assures them their future is bright after retirment. Working closely with management, we wrote the copy, designed and developed this site. They say it's about the journey, not always the destination – for us, this project is a fine example of both. Visit the website at www.ctsl.com.pg

Fusion Plast Australia

Logo update, business card, brochure, email signature, banner ads

Fusion Plast Australia were initally looking for an inhouse markeing person but discovered they could achieve more goals working with Foundry. As with all clients, our relationshipos are long-term and we're loving being an extention to the Fusion Plast team. Watch this space!

Consort Express Lines


In PNG it's no secret Consort Express Lines are the largest shipping company in the country. Quite simply they needed material to showcase the breadth and depth of their services responsible for putting them at the top of the leaderboard. Using existing images and a no-fuss approach, we crafted these brochures with the provision of copywriting and design services. 

Oasis Africa

Video edit

This video project was an emotional ride, produced for the annual Oasis Africa Australia Gala Fundraising event. Using footage taken on an iPhone, old and new images and heart-felt music, we strung this beautiful piece together to tell a story. These young Kenyan people are nothing short of amazing. Thanks be to all sponsors and those who share their plight.

Kimbe Bay Shipping Agency (KBSA)


KBSA needed a straightforward, brochure website that promoted their business subsiduaries and services on offer to locals in Kimbe, Papua New Guinea. Running the business left them with little time on their hands, so we took the responsibility of writing their content in addition to designing and developing the site.  It's fully responsive, making it viewable on hand-held and mobile devices, and KBSA can updated it any time they like. Visit http://www.kbsa.com.pg



United Motor Works (UMW) was founded in 1917 as a small bicycle repair shop in Singapore but now employs more than 13,000 people worldwide – this includes a presence in Papua New Guinea. We wrote the copy, designed and developed this website true to their brand, yet with a focus on the products UMW sell specific to the challenges of the PNG environment. View it on your desktop, laptop, phone or any hand-held device for that matter because, like all sites we produce now, it's responsive...


Every Bodies Physio


A quick jobbie for a local physio / exercise physiologist... We were asked to look at the design of their A-Frame, including their messaging to get more people in the door. Here we show a before and after shot.

Voyage Australia

Branding / business cards

Peter from Voyage Australia is as dynamic as his brand – energetic, positive and give-it-all-you-got. As a startup business in the field of imagery and spatial technologies, Peter's brief was to produce strong dynamic branding. When all was said and done, Peter said we produced a "visually rich and compelling brand that has received industry and customer comments for its originality and great visual impact". We're pretty happy with that.

Selective Hearing

brand & website

After spending time with owners Susan and Martin, we learnt the important things to promote about Selective Hearing – strong connections to the local Tarragindi community and the essence of Susan's warmth, professionalism and experience working with children and adults. Do you think we nailed it? Check out their new website and see for yourself. 


Branding / Business Cards

Piskulic required a new logo, reflective of their commitment to PNG, yet simple and bold. Sometimes less is more, and this brand is certainly one of our favourite examples of that. 

Pryde Furniture


Pryde Furniture felt it was time to refresh their online presence, so asked us to take a look. We delivered a dynamic, responsive CMS driven site, to help them reach a wider audience, and better reflect the quality of products and services they have on offer. 

Go have a look!

St. Lucia Massage

Branding / Business Cards / Postcards / Signage

Retired Paralympic athlete Jon Fitzpatrick and his partner Kate, came to us with a request for a quick branding project for their familiy-owned business, St. Lucia Massage. We created a refined, friendly and textural mark, to reflect the nature of their business. 


Branding / Website / Online

Hytek Steel Framing is an ingenious product that needed a bold, confident brand to represent it. Foundry was commissioned to create the branding, website and online content—including film and post production—to ensure the key messages of this new product were communciated clearly and efficiently.

Visit the Hytek website and view the online videos here:



We were asked to create a pair of sibling logos for the new professional services ReBoot and ReCharge. We went for a fresh, 'electric' look, with customised logotype and bright colour palette. 



PostPNG has been a long-time client of Foundry PNG. We have been working hand-in-hand with them to grow their online presence into an accessible e-commerce platform for local businesses and soon to be private sellers also. Keep an eye on their site, as it continues to develop. 




Pagini Transport approached us for further internal branding of their extensive transport services. This time for Rokotaba Transport. This is a simple, clean and dynamic brand that needed to sit well alongside other Pagini companies. 

Boroko Motors

Website, PNG

Integrating their new and used vehicles for sale, this website has darn good bells and whistles. Completely customised using Foundry’s CMS, Boroko Motors has the freedom to add vehicles, specifications and promotions to support their newspaper press campaigns and without any ongoing fees. This one, is a good one.




TV Commercial

What sets them apart? Genuine people who work hard and do the right thing by their clients. Global’s staff and level of customer service is better than the rest so we celebrated the business, that is, the people of Global in their 2014 TV and Press Ad campaign.


Click here to watch the 30-second commercial.



Keep it simple. Keep it straight. And tell it how it is. CIVPAC’s website was seriously no fuss, and achieved on a tight budget using WordPress. These guys were such a delight to work with.



Tech Incubator

Logo / Business Cards / PowerPoint template

Specialising in turning business needs into business solutions, Tech Incubator forges new ways for enterprise to make better decisions, and yes, make more coin. To say they are a software development company only scratches the surface. It’s the strategic and creative backbone that brings radical change to their client’s bottom line.

Brisbane Fringe Festival

Brand / Website / Program

You heard it right… We are proud sponsors of the 2014 Brisbane Fringe Festival! We love celebrating creative peeps around town and lovingly designed and developed the 2014 brand, website and marketing collateral for the 2014 program. Hope you can make it!


Global, Papua New Guinea

T-Shirt Design

That's right folks, we're also into T-shirt designs. What can you see first in this illustration? Hint... Global are naming sponsors of the GFA PNG National Game Fishing Titles in Lae in April 2014...

Pagini Group, Papua New Guinea

Logo Design / Branding / Website

Pagini vehicles literally go where others don't, and won't. Here is a transport company that moves dangerous goods, heavy and oversized freight and anything other companies generally aren't equipped to carry. We formulated the website scope and managed copy writing, design and development. We then translated it into a Corporate Brochure and PowerPoint presentation.


We also developed the Kutubu Transport and Pagini Sakura logos under the Group branding to boot.


That was a mouthful!



Chemcare Group, Papua New Guinea


A clean, corporate website depicting all the various brands under the Group, please. Chemcare Group sure do know their stuff, which made the design and development of this website a most pleasureable experience. No lumps, no bumps.  www.chemcaregroup.com.pg

Campos Cycling Team

Branding + Illustration + Website

We wanted to do something a little special with this one... A beautiful illustration to set the tone for this simple website that promotes the blood, sweat and tears put in by these Brisse cyclists. You've probably spotted them on the River Loop, up and back to Mt Mee, and all over the State for that matter.


Zillmere State School

DVD design / Illustration / Typography

We just can't get enough of the 'little school that can'. The Zillmere kids are back after ten years, to celebrate the anniversary of their 2003, 612ABC radio rendition of Paul Kelly's From Little Things Big Thigns Grow. This time around, they are having a shot at Troy Cassar-Daley's song Dream Out Loud. We really, really love this school, and are very happy to have been invited to create this artwork, to go with their great tune. 

Post PNG

Mail Bag Design / Illustration

This was a fun one! Post PNG requested a range of illustrations conveying the energy and enthusiasm of Papua New Guinea, to be used on both their domestic and international mail bags. The aim of this project was to create a collectable, personable brand, truly unique to the Post PNG bags.

Global / The Game Fishing Association of PNG


Global has been a proud supporter of the Game Fishing Association of PNG's National Fishing Titles for some years. And in celebration, of the 2013 National Titles, they asked us to create a souvenir, framed art piece, reflecting the official partnership of Global and GFAPNG. The final piece was printed on acid free achival paper and set in a custom frame from our friends at Frames on Farrant in Brisbane.


Television Commercial

In November 2012, Global commissioned Foundry to create a third TVC for their PNG brand. So we had a little fun with typography and motion graphics, and created a dynamic campaign to help get the message out on Global's new and ever evolving list of products and services.

In addition to the graphics, Foundry composed and produced the audio track from concept to mastering. What clever things we are when we put our minds to it.

So get comfy, turn the sound right up, and take a look!

Moxa Natural Therapies Centre

Website, Logo Refresh, Business Cards

We did it! We launched the new website for Moxa Natural Therapies Centre in West End, Brisbane, complete with revitalised brand AND content management system so they can make updates autonomously.

Delight in acupuncture, and traditional Chinese Medicine, massage, reflexology, nutritional advice or counciling. You totally deserve it.




In September 2012, El contributed to a massive 2 month, 5000 kilometer bicycle ride from Vietnam to Singapore to raise international awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.

To contribute to the cause, Foundry created this beautiful print for sale in Silent Auction, to help raise funds and awareness of the campaign.

The printed work – Colour Wheels, represents the spoke patterns of 3 distinct bicycle wheel designs. While from a distance, the image appears almost chaotic and explosive, a closer inspection reveals the complex layering of texture, colour and line, formed from the perfect and mathematically engineered matrixes of the spokes. The use of colour is similar to an artist's colour wheel, showing all colours at once, blending together to create new tints. The playfulness of these elements combines to capture the energy and dynamics of a bicycle wheel in motion—the result of a rider's effort and endurance.

The work has been printed on acid free archival paper for long life, and set beautifully in a Bamboo frame.


Cinema Ad

We were asked to encapsulate 'a day in the life' at The Post-Courier newspaper in 60-seconds. It was a whirlwind trip to PNG and a mission to shoot in one day, covering the 24-hour schedule of the paper. But, it was SUCH great fun and we managed to include so many happy faces that work, as a team, around the clock to deliver the news each day. Grab some popcorn and view it here.

Morrissey's Tattoo Couture

Branding + Business Cards + Blog Template

Local Tattoo Artist, Kenny Morrissey, recently decided to take that giant leap and go into the big wide Tattooed world on his own. Well, by 'on his own' we mean he and his wife, Tara. Together they have created Morrissey's Tattoo Couture, in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane. They asked us to create a mark that represented their strong sense of style, without scaring off the ink purists. The result is a one colour logo and business card, that makes for both a cost effective and elegant solution, supporting Kenny's own unique style of art.

Visit the blog



After a short time in business, IVAA grew faster than fast. Their clients are some of the biggest insurance companies in Australia and the calibre of their original logo didn’t match the quality of service they are known for. Now armed with a fresh new look, IVAA are ready to launch new products and services and bring on another growth spurt.


Zillmere State School


For the second year running, we've let our hair down (or grown our beards) and worked together with Zillmere State School, to design the poster for their (now) annual fair. This is a great school doing even greater things for the community. Shucks – we're such proud sponsors...

The Good Ship


Australian Folk/Cabaret band, The Good Ship have been stirring up a storm. With a unique style that ties in seamlessly to their music, we provide The Good Ship with an ever evolving but strong brand image across multiple media platforms.

Arthur Strachan

Website + New Logo

After 50 years in business it was time. Time for Arthur Strachan Real Estate to design and develop a new logo and website that reflected the renewed youthful energy of the company... And so... along we came and refreshed the mark, and delivered a website that makes it easy for people to search and view property summaries and full listings. Plus, when making their own changes to the site, absolutely everything formats automatically so updating the site is a breeeeeze. Hooray!



website, email campaign tool, corporate brochure, product brochures, specification brochure, presentation folder

Working with Textor was incredibly rewarding. We needed to inject some renewed vitality into their marketing assets to reflect the quality of product and services. The new website makes it super easy for clients to request quotes and download specs, and the email campaign tool keeps them in constant contact with customers. Images of the printed brochures will be up soon!




The Game Fishing Association (GFA) needed a new website to promote their services and sell, sell, sell their annual National Game Fishing Titles. We've given the GFA full access to edit content plus we created their Facebook page complete with promotional ads for their major sponsor, Global. The animated banner ad along the bottom will also be converted into a TVC for Global! Go fish.


website, email campaign tool

We had the pleasure of designing and developing the Yumi Lukautim Mosbi (YLM) website and encapsulate all the great things they do for the PNG community. Like take guns off the street, reduce domestic violence, and educate and train the unemployed and place them in full time employment. These guys are amazing - get the word out.


Corporate Id, Website, Print

After more than a decade of successful business it was time for Global to refresh its corporate ID and website. Foundry updated their identity to facilitate two business streams, Technologies and Internet, and produced a more functional website with improved usability and visual appeal to lift their corporate profile. Foundry also designed and printed Global brochures and produced their TVC.