Suncorp & Brisbane International Tennis Event

Video content maximises local event for social media presence.

Let’s Tennis Together campaign

Suncorp wanted to grow their social media community with engaging video content. As part of sponsorship of the Brisbane International Tennis Event, 10 people were given the chance to take someone to the Brisbane International 2018 Tennis championships. Foundry developed the concept, coordinated, shot and directed the video shoot at the event, edited and produced the final film. Foundry filmed the winners and produced four mini-videos in the #LetsTennisTogether campaign for use in the lead up and close of the event.

Achievement: Suncorp were able to implement a quick solution to promote the event and boost their online community by achieving more than 60,000 video views on Facebook.

Foundry is a quadruple threat – efficient, flexible, dynamic and consistent. Foundry kept us close to the whole production process, which made us feel comfortable leaving things in her hands. The quality and cost of their videos are ideal for social content and they are great storytellers.
— Monica Tumulty, Customer Engagement Specialist, Suncorp